Connecticut's Kid Governor 2016 Nominees

The following students were chosen by their classmates as their school's nominee in the 2016 Statewide Election for Connecticut's Kid Governor. We congratulate these students on crafting strong platforms around important community issues and encourage them to continue advocating for change in their communities! 

Candidate’s Name: Abigail Stone 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Candidate’s School: Waddell Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Arthur Unfongene 
Candidate’s Community Issue: After School Clubs
Candidate’s School: Lake Street School

Candidate’s Name: Cassie Riley 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Censorship
Candidate’s School: Verplanck Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Jack Cahill 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Littering
Candidate’s School: Totoket Valley Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Kam Tarantino 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Pet Adoption
Candidate’s School: Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Manuela Valencia 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Animal Cruelty
Candidate’s School: Kennelly School

Candidate’s Name: Michael Hoffman 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Reading
Candidate’s School: Talcott Mountain School

Candidate’s Name: Angela A. Adu-Boateng 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Fitness Week
Candidate’s School: John F. Kennedy Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Cameron Z. Perry 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bullying
 Candidate’s School: Roger Sherman Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Evan E. Dowling 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Bike Lanes
Candidate’s School: Bowers Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Joseph L. Grindle-Artruc 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Misunderstood Kids
Candidate’s School: Clover Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Mackenzie M. Lionello
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kindness
Candidate’s School: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Candidate’s Name: Megan D. Stone 
Candidate’s Community Issue: Kindness
Candidate’s School: Carmen Arace Intermediate School