Running for Office

If you have students who are enthusiastic about leadership and eager to better their community, encourage them to run for Oregon's Kid Governor®! The election for Oregon's Kid Governor is open to all 5th grade students enrolled in a public, private, parochial, magnet, charter, tribal, or homeschool program in the state of Oregon. Each school or group in Oregon is eligible to offer one (1) candidate to run for the position of Oregon's Kid Governor. Classes may choose to participate without nominating a candidate as a “Voting Only” class. If multiple students in your class/school are interested in running for office, we suggest holding class-wide and 5th grade-wide primaries.

Student candidates must review the official Rules & Regulations.

Students interested in running for office must agree to serve as Oregon's Kid Governor for a full year beginning in the January following their election. 

Candidate videos must:
  • Include the student’s first name (please no reference to last name, school or town in the video).
  • Include why the candidate wants to be Oregon's Kid Governor, what leadership qualities he/she has, what community issue is important to him/her and why, and a 3-point plan outlining ways for Oregon 5th graders to make a difference around that issue.
  • Be at least one minute but no more than three minutes in length.
  • Be in one of the following formats: .mp4, .mov, .avi, or .wmv.
  • Be an original creation.
Candidate videos must not:  
  • Use music that is copyrighted (i.e. music played on the radio or purchased online/in store). Royalty-free music websites such as offer songs that can be used without violating copyright. 
  • Contain inappropriate or offensive content. 
  • Include audio, images or footage of other students who do not have parental/guardian permission. Each student in the candidate’s class must submit a signed Photography & Video Release for Non-Candidate Students OR the Principal’s Comprehensive Consent and Signature Page from the Rules & Regulations, Entry Form, and Photography & Media Releases, along with the candidate’s submission.

The winner of the 2017 Oregon's Kid Governor election will serve from January 2018 to December 2018. He/she will have opportunities throughout his/her term to meet people and share the winning campaign platform and ways to take action.
These include:
  • Inauguration ceremony (January 9, 2018).
  • Create videos to share with constituents and students about his/her community issue. 
  • Maintain a blog about his/her community issue and action being taken by students statewide to make a difference. 
  • Meet and speak with students and adults across the state. 
  • Participate in programs and events with the Office of the Secretary of State, Kid GovernorSM, and other groups throughout the state. 
  • Have a special Oregon's Kid Governor office in Salem.

The above are the official duties of the Kid Governor. Anything the successful candidate would like to do outside of these responsibilities, in an official role as Oregon's Kid Governor, requires express written approval of the Office of the Secretary of State.